January 20, 2017

North Bay Muskoka Wedding Photographer- Eganridge Wedding

Spent the day east of Muskoka at Eganridge with the lovely couple Kaitlyn and DJ. It was such a pleasure spending the day with all of their sweet friends and family. The day was perfect and seemed so relaxed. Fall was just getting into full swing with all the vivid colours but we didn’t get hit with miserable temperatures.  Two things really got me about this day. First was the brides maids receiving fuji instax minis from Kaitlyn. They were so stoked! Then Kaitlyn’s cousin played an original Ukulele piece as they walked down the aisle. Oh my poor little bursting heart!

I second shot this day for the amazing Eleanor Dobbins. Check her out!

Be sure to check out Matt plus Steph, the rad husband and wife Videography team.


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