Hi. I’m Allison and I really hate talking about myself.

I’m the sort of person that seeks connection and creativity above all else. I see truth in our emotions and actions towards each other. I look through my lens with compassion, so I can reveal what this says about our relationships to each other and ourselves. I’m guided by my intuition and tenacious curiosity. I’m a half introverted and half extroverted. I’m constantly observing and I don’t miss much.

Photography is my dream job. I’m constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. I’m reminded daily to keep an open mind so I can really capture what’s in front of me. I make art of out of moments, cause life can go by way too fast.

In real life I’m a pretty ok mom to a really cool little dude. It’s crazy how one little person made himself into my entire universe and it’s the best. I live with my partner on a little property that we have packed with gardens, greenhouses, chicken coops, temporary pig pens and a variety of 2 and 4 wheeled death machines for all seasons. I’m compulsively crafting something, cause any spare moment I have feels like wasted time unless I’m making something with my hands. Y’know let’s be honest with each other, I may have a glass of something strong and expensive in my mitts otherwise.